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Illuminating skylights

Let there be light! You can bring in fresh, natural sunlight to brighten your home. Architectural Specialty Sales Company offers a wide variety of skylights that come in standard and custom sizes. Go to the next level and see what the solar industry or tube lights can do for you.


Adding natural lights is a great way to reduce your dependency on expensive electricity. Call us today and let us install one for you. Our skylights come with a fixed, solid mounting with an operating or automatic opening.

  • Flat glass

  • Bubble dome

  • Curve mount

  • Self-flashing skylights

Unique styles

All of our skylights come protected with manufacturers' warranties. Call us today to learn more.

Manufacturers' warranties

Architectural Specialty Sales Company prides itself on quality and service.

Skylight Skylight

Get a brand-new skylight installed today!

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